ERA Global Standards Certification specializes in consulting services for BIS Certification. Our predefined formats for documentation help to significantly reduce the timeline for receiving the license to mark ISI from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). With enormous experience for product certification (ISI Marking) ERA Global Standards Certification excels in all technical fields such as Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical etc. Our team ensures that the procedure and processes implemented in the production are in accordance to the requirements of standards formulated by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The discrepancies are addressed promptly and training is provided at all levels and processes to ensure the compliance with Indian Standards (IS). The comprehensive details regarding the technical standards & procedures are prepared to ensure right execution of BIS guidelines.

BIS at a glance

The Indian Standards Institution (ISI) was setup in 1947 as a registered society, under Government of Indian Resolution. The institute provided the standards for rationalization, orderly industrial and commercial growth, quality production and competitive efficiency. In 1987 Bureau of Indian Standards Act was issued to govern the ISI.

Why BIS Certification?

- Implementation of procedures defined in Indian Standards by BIS, helps in
   production with high quality.
- ISI mark on the product is well known as quality product to consumers in India.
- Products under mandatory marking are to be produced in India or imported with
   ISI mark only.
- ISI mark to manufacturers in foreign countries allows access to Indian market
  with a third party guarantee to consumer from BIS regarding the quality, safety
  and reliability of the product.

General Procedure for BIS Certification:

- Perform Testing of the product in India/ In-house as per Indian Standards.
- Prepare application to BIS for grant of license.
- BIS accepts the application and deput a auditor to visit the plant.
- During plant audit BIS draws samples and send them to an Indian lab for testing.
- If test results for samples from plant and plant quality audit are satisfactory. BIS grants
   the License to the applicant to mark ISI.
- Initial License is valid for 1 Year.

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